Advocacy at local and central government levels for policies and legislation that favour financial inclusion of marginalized groups – women, youth and persons living with disabilities.

Mobilizing, Organizing and Conscientizing

Mobilizing, organizing and conscientizing communities to take advantage of existing and emerging economic opportunities and tap into the national wealth grid.

Capacity building

Capacity building for existing self-help groups, such as SACCOs and VICOBA, enabling them to operate efficiently and effectively.

Capacity building for youth- and women

Capacity building for youth- and women-owned micro-enterprises, equipping them with appropriate business skills.


Encouraging women, youth and persons living with disabilities to start and grow low-input-high yielding businesses in the agribusiness sector.


Networking businesses owned by women, youth and persons living with disabilities, creating a platform for them to continually learn from one another and gain from synergy.


Linking underserved micro-enterprises with credit providers and helping them to interact with the providers effectively.


Introduction of MSGMIS (Microfinance Saving and Credit Groups Management Information System).