Our Mission

Improving the welfare of communities in Tanzania through strategic and innovative programming.

Our Vision

Attaining equitable and economically empowered communities with sustainably improved quality of life.

Our Values

  •  Service beyond self – we proactively take
    up societal issues and serve communities
  •  Respect for human rights – we respect and
    uphold all the fundamental human rights
    recognized under the Universal
    Declaration of Human Rights.
  •  Vision-centric – all the work carried out
    under this organization is targeted to
    achieve our vision.
  •  Accountability – we take ownership of our
    activities; all the resources we receive are
    used strictly for intended purposes.
  •  Collaboration – we address social
    challenges in collaboration with local and
    global partners.
  •  Nonprofit integrity – we operate as a
    nonprofit-sharing entity. All funds
    received are utilized solely to fulfill our
    mission and objectives. We are truthful in
    our dealings with our stakeholders –
    donors, project beneficiaries, staff, partner
    organizations, the government and the
    general public.
  •  Diversity and innovation – we build
    diversity and innovation into our culture
    by leveraging employee skills, talents and
  •  Non-aligned – we are apolitical and nonaligned
    to any faith or religion.